Sex Male
Birth Date
Birth Place Australia
Operations Brisbane, Australia
Years active 1999

1nternal is a virus coder from Brisbane, Australia. He is best known as the creator of the first MS Office virus (one that can infect more than one type of Office file) Triplicate as well as one that can infect Office files, HTML and VBS files, Cross.


1nternal spent a great deal of his life in Brisbane, Australia. He studied engineering and IT at a university there.

He knows several programming languages, including Assembly, C, C++, VBScript, VBA and JavaScript. One of his first viruses, Rat.848 was coded when he had no Internet connection and only a book on advanced assembly. 1nternal never joined and VX groups. By 1999, he had coded around 20 viruses.


1nternal takes his name from a 2880 internal modem he was using during an IRC session. He decided to stick with the name, but changed the "I" into the number 1 so it would not clash with others also using that name. This would later cause problems because some internet services would not accept a name beginning with a number.



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