Type File virus
Date Discovered
Place of Origin Poland
Source Language
Platform Commodore 64
File Type(s) .prg
Infection Length
Reported Costs

Bula, also written as Bu£a, is a Commodore 64 virus. The first known version is 6.13. When executed, the virus displays gibberish characters at about the top third of the screen, then displays in the middle the text "BU£A JEST OK!" The second known version is 8.32. This version eliminates the gibberish characters and the system runs normally, though it still displays the "BU£A JEST OK!" text.

The text displayed suggests this virus is from Poland. The £, a British Pound sign may be an attempt to write the letter "ł", a letter unique to Polish which is pronounced like an English "W" or like an "L" that does not touch the top of the mouth. Buła has a few meanings in Polish (knot, gnarl, bread roll) but its exact significance here is uncertain. The phrase translates into "BU£A is OK".

Aside from what we can observe, little information is available about this virus. So far, all our observation has been through emulators, and we are unsure of how to get this virus to infect other .prg files with these so we can observe the files before and after infection.


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 The Bula virus in action
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