Type Macro virus
Creator Joel McNamara
Date Discovered 1994.12
Place of Origin USA
Source Language Visual Basic
Platform MS Word
File Type(s) .doc
Infection Length 1 macro module

DMV is the first Word Macro virus. It was mostly confined to the lab of its creator for the first year of its existence until the release of the Concept virus into the wild.
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DMV only infects the AutoClose macro. The virus displays message boxes at each stage of infection, explaining the infection process as it happens. The following messages will be displayed:

  • Counting global macros.
  • AutoClose macro virus is already installed in NORMAL.DOT.
  • Infected NORMAL.DOT with copy of AutoClose macro virus.
  • AutoClose macro virus already present in this document.
  • Saved current document as template.
  • Infected current document with copy of AutoClose macro virus.
  • Macro virus has been spread. Now execute some other code (good, bad, or indifferent).


DMV was coded by Joel McNamara in fall of 1994. He did not allow it to be known to the public until the Macro virus Concept was released. He also created an Excel macro virus of the same name. When releasing the information on it, he included the complete, commented source code for the virus. The document it was provided in was infected (some say intentionally) with the virus. The source code contains suggestions for malicious capabilities, some of which were implemented in the Nuclear virus.


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