Type Boot sector virus
Date Discovered 1988
Place of Origin Le Havre, France
Source Language
Platform DOS
Infection Length 1 boot sector
Reported Costs

Edv is a boot sector virus from 1988. It likely originated in France.

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When a diskette infected with Edv is booted, the virus is loaded into memory. Any disk accessed, including hard disks, will become infected. When Edv infects the boot sector, it moves the original boot sector to side 1, track 39, sector 8 before moving its code to the boot sector.

When the instance of Edv in memory has infected six disks, its payload will activate. It first disables the keyboard. It overwrites the first 3 tracks of any disks attached to the system, starting with the hard drive. It then displays the message "That rings a bell, no? From Cursy".


The virus was rare outside of France. It was discovered by Jean-Luc Nail in Le Havre, where it was allegedly common.


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