This is what we prefer the bibliographies to look like.

Note that all dates are in the East Asian YYYY.MM.DD (Year.Month.Day) format. This is because North America and Europe use different date formats that can be a bit confusing as the day and month can be mixed up. We believe the East Asian format makes more sense, because it places the largest unit of time first with the smaller ones following, just as a digital clock places hour before minute. In addition, it avoids confusion.

Finally, when writing names, write them as they appear on the book or article. Please do not try to get formal and write western names with the family name appearing first.

Book Source

Author Name. Title, "Chapter (if necessary), heading, subheading", page Number(s). Publisher, copyright date. ISBN No.

Newspaper/Magazine Source

Author Name. Newspaper/Magazine Name, "Article Title". Date

Internet Publication

If it is from a technology news publication such as The Register or CNET news, follow the format for Newspapers and Magazines with the URL of the Article at the end.

Other Internet Sources

As there are many different types of websites, listing all of the possible formats for bibliographies citing them would be a major waste of time. Still, blogs and personal websites can be a great source of first-hand accounts of a virus or worm doing damage to someone's computer, as any idiot, even ones who do not know to regularly check for system updates or not open strange email attachments can get one for free. The only definite rule for these right now is to always include the URL.

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