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Here is a list of links intended to help with research on self-replicating programs. Sites that fit into more than one category will be listed under as many categories as they fit into. A few of these sites may contain actual malware for research purposes. All sites should be perfectly safe to simply browse, and as with all sites in the Internet, you should use your best judgment before downloading and opening anything.

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Virus/Worm Information

These sites provide information specifically about malware.

  • VX Heavens Down Again has the largest collection of all kinds of self-replicators and malware as well as a huge library of information on self-replicators, malware and security, along with links to many sites relevent to virus/worm research and too many other things to list in one sentence. Sometimes you may find it is your first and last stop on a topic.
  • Virus Bulletin a good resource of general information on viruses and worms with some virus, worm and security news.
  • Vmyths an excellent site debunking myths and closely examining so-called authorities on computer viruses and worms.
  • About Antivirus Software an About.com site offering a vast wealth of information on all types of malware, security and security products. You can also sign up for a free email course on viruses.
  • Virus Zoo, a site where you can safely play with viruses.

Antivirus Virus Information

Many pages on these sites contain detailed information on how a particular piece of code works.

  • F-Secure Virus Description Database, another excellent source of information, and our second stop for detailed information on a particular malware. Often F-Secure has descriptions of code that Symantec does not (as was the case with Ramen), or it has better descriptions that make it easier to understand a particularly complex program (as was the case with Nimda).
  • VS Antivirus, an excellent Spanish-language site on viruses.

Security Researchers

  • Peter Ferrie, former Symantec, current Microsoft engineer and malware researcher.
  • r00ted, accepts malware samples

Virus/Worm Collections

  • VX Heavens Back online! has the largest collection of all kinds of self-replicators and malware as well as a huge library of information on self-replicators, malware and security, along with links to many sites relevent to virus/worm research and too many other things to list in one sentence. Sometimes you may find it is your first and last stop on a topic.
  • Offensive Computing As of this writing, this site has just over three million samples of malware. Free registration is required for download of samples. Users can also upload their own infected files. In addition, the site contains information on malware as well as a blog and forum.
  • VX Chaos, a very nice collection of all kinds of software, including some viruses. Unfortunately, the site takes forever to load when it even works at all.
  • Biohazard a Czech site with an extensive virus/worm collection.
  • Programmes pour le hacking - OUAH Site, a French site with an extensive collection of UNIX malware, some of which you are unlikely to find anywhere else. (Trust me, the "Lion" and "Ramen" worms you find on VX Heavens are only fragments of the worms, this one has the entire copy of each worm.)
  • Leetupload, has a number of virus and hacking related downloads.

Virus/Worm Creators

  • 29A One of the best virus/worm coding groups in VX history. Recently disbanded, but the site still contains valuable information and perspectives that you are unlikely to find anywhere else. Mirrored here.
  • Z0MBiE's HomePage, filled with a lot of interesting information on viruses and hacking. Portions of the site are in Russian.
  • Second Part To Hell's Artwork the website of the virus coder Second Part To Hell, with many interesting concept viruses, including the only known MenuetOS viruses.


  • Geekdrop, forum for various tech topics

Research Groups/Conferences

  • CEIC, Security conference

Technology News/Magazines

Security News

  • Cyber Security App, an Android/iPhone app for keeping up to date on security information.

General Technology News

  • The Register one of the best internet-based magazines for information on any technological and scientific subject.
  • InformationWeek a good online technology magazine with some malware news.
  • ITavisen Norwegian technology news site.


Less active blogs will be moved to the bottom.

Blogs with a virus or security focus

  • Analyst's Diary a blog site on WildList providing information on all types of malware.
  • Room 362, Blatherings of a security addict
  • Antiworm a blog that has more of a security focus rather than self-replicating programs.
  • f15hb0wn, InfoSec, NBAD, NetFlow, Forensic rants from Charles Herring
  • SK Last update: 2012.08.17
  • Infosec, French blog Last update: 2010.09.09
  • Antivirus Software: who wins? a very good blog on antivirus products, with a great deal of original research. The blog still appears to be there, but it redirects to a site that tries to get you to download a supposed flash player. Last update 2009.01.02
  • Worm Blog a blog about malware and security. Last update: 2008

Blogs with a general technology focus

  • Nihilist Dev, blog of a computer engineering student at the University of Turin.

Videos, Podcasts, Media

  • Ethergoat, mostly hacking and pen testing videos (down?).

Hacking/Vulnerability Related Sites

  • Knowlegend, German, has a list of vulnerabilities.
  • Adamas.AI, German, blog contains a lot of information related to hacking and politics
  • Secdocs, Hacking and security documentation
  • Demisto, Bringing Collaboration and Automation to Cyber Incident Response

Misc. Tech Sites

  • ITNinja an IT collaborative community
  • e-Evidence Guru, collection of research papers, and other resources (Down as of 2014.12.30)

Personal/Mostly personal sites

  • Phillip Hall, SME in disruptive technologies – Cloud, Mobility, BYO, & IT Security
  • Monsieur Tino, French language site with information on Tor, SSL, Firefox OS and a collection of OpenBSD songs.
  • bigpualie, Steam profile of a social media follower

Commercial Services

Sites listed here do not necessarily endorse the Virus Encyclopedia, nor do we necessarily endorse them.

Non-tech-related products and services

Non-security-, non-virus-related sites

Mostly from our social network followers

Unsorted links

We'll get to sorting shortly. We try to link to the websites of all our social network followers (assuming they have a website displayed in their profile or send us a link), no matter how unrelated they are to the project. Finding the correct categories for all of them can be a challenge, as well as picking out the sites more closely related to the goals of our project, which take priority over personal sites and cat picture blogs.


These sites are no longer working or have some other issue that prevents us from giving them a classification.

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