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This page describes the standards for an entry on a person, usually virus/worm creator or someone in the antivirus industry. Copy the infobox code and fill as much as is known.


Include all available information about the person's life from birth (and if applicable to death).


Include this subheading if this person has had any brushes with the law.


If this person has any other motives than technical curiosity or destruction, place that information here, or the person's reason for choosing their particular field.


Assuming the person is a virus coder, include this heading if this person has any interesting ethical views with regard to their virus/worm creation.

Other Facts

Any other interesting information (if any) can go under this subheading.

Virus/Worms or other software

List all of the viruses and worms this person has created, and link to them (enclose in two square brackets on each side), even if their pages have not been created on this wiki.


The bibliography goes here.

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