Type File virus
Creator Mark LaDue
Date Discovered
Place of Origin
Source Language Java, BASH
Platform Java Runtime Environment, Bourne Again Shell
File Type(s) .class, .sh
Infection Length
Reported Costs

Homer is a Java and Unix Shellscript virus coded by Mark LaDue. It appears in the Giant Black Book of Computer Viruses by Mark Ludwig.

When executed, the virus Java file drops a shellscript. It then executes the script, which appends itself to all shellscript files in the user's home directory. The shellscript displays the text "Java is safe, and UNIX viruses do not exist".


Mark LaDue When Java Was One: Threats From Hostile Byte Code. 1997

Mark A. Ludwig. The Giant Black Book of Computer Viruses, Chapter 21 "Viruses and the Internet", pp. 266-268. American Eagle Publications: Show Low, Arizona. 1998

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