Type P2P worm
Date Discovered 2002.12.05
Place of Origin
Source Language
Platform MS Windows
File Type(s) .exe
Infection Length 155,648 bytes
Reported Costs

Kilt is a peer-to-peer worm that spreads through several different file-sharing networks. It is notable for a humorous picture it displays upon execution.



When Kilt is executed, it displays an image of three Scottish men in kilts, one of which is being blown by a wind. The worm copies itself to the root of the C: drive and the Windows folder as kilt.exe. It copies itself to the system folder as screensaver.exe. It also copies itself to the following locations:

  • c:\program files\kazaa\my shared folder\kilt.exe
  • c:\program files\kazaa\my shared folder\game.exe kilt
  • c:\program files\edonkey2000\incoming\game.exe kilt
  • c:\program files\edonkey2000\incoming\kilt.exe
  • c:\program files\bearshare\shared\game.exe Kilt
  • c:\program files\Swaptor\Download\kilt.exe
  • c:\program files\Swaptor\Download\Kilt game.exe

Other Facts

This worm sometimes goes by the name Kiltex. Kiltex is also the name of a brand of tick poison for dogs manufactured by Bayer for sale in Europe.


VSantivirus, W32/Kiltex. Usa Kazaa, eDonkey, Bearshare, y Swaptor. 2002.12.07 (Spanish)

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