Type File virus
Creator Metabolis/VLAD
Date Discovered 1994.10
Place of Origin Australia
Source Language Pascal
Platform DOS
File Type(s) .com, .exe
Infection Length 4,658 bytes

Krad is a DOS companion virus. It comes from Australia, and was coded in Pascal by Metabolis of the group VLAD.


When Krad is executed, it infects a file named DOS or MSDOS. It checks files with a .exe extension when they are run. When it finds them, it checks of there is a file with the same name, but with a .com extension. If Krad finds one, it concludes that the file is already infected and leaves it alone. If there is none, the virus copies itself as a .com file with that name. When the user types in the name of the program without specifying the extension, the .com file will run first. Krad then executes the original program thed user wanted to run.


One functionally similar 5,664 byte variant is known to exist.


Krad was coded by Metabolis of the VLAD virus coding group in Australia. Metabolis says he coded Krad because someone told him a virus could not be coded in Pascal. This person also seemed to imply that Metabolis specifically could no code a virus in Pascal. Metabolis himself seemed to think his own virus was "lame", but was still a bit proud of his creation.


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