Lord Yup
Lord Yup
Sex Male
Birth Date 1985
Birth Place Poland
Operations Poland
Affiliation(s) 29A, The Knight Templars

Lord Yup, who also has gone by the name dis69, is a former virus coder affiliated with the 29A group. While it has been suspected that he now develops security software under his real name, (we have decided to remove it, as it as it contributes nothing to the study of his viruses) this has not been completely confirmed.


Lord Yup was born in Poland in 1985. His first computer was an Amiga 600HD. This computer at some point became infected with the Bytebandit virus. This probably sparked his interest in viruses, but he did not particularly care for programming on the Amiga.

At times, he would code script viruses on pieces of paper. His first virus was a VBS script named Dragonball, which he now describes as "lame". Some time later, he joined 29A, where he published the Wiedzmin virus along with a few articles. Later he was a member of TKT (The Knight Templars). One of his major achievements was the Tigraa virus, the second virus to infect certain types of Texas Instruments graphic calculators.


In addition to these, he has coded a few trojans.

Other Facts

Lord Yup can program in HTML, JavaScript, Visual Basic, PHP, C, and Assembly. His favorite is Assembly, but he does not seem to have the same disdain for scripting languages as other major virus coders.

As of 2002, he was using the Windows ME and Mandrake (now Mandriva Mageia or OpenMandriva) Linux.


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