Type Macro virus
Date Discovered 1998.05.14
Place of Origin
Source Language
Platform MS Word
File Type(s)
Infection Length 7 macro modules
Reported Costs

Mikevelyn is a macro virus that demands the user enter specific text into its input boxes, or it will shut off the system.

Mikevelyn consists of seven macros: AutoOpen, AutoNew, AutoClose, AutoSave, AutoExec, ToolsMacro, MikEvelyn. The MikEvelyn macro contains the infection routine, the six others call it to trigger the virus. When an infected file is opened, the Normal.dot template is infected. Any new files created, opened, closed or saved will be infected and the virus will be triggered by simply running Microsoft Word.

If the virus is active on January 4, it will display an input box with the title "MikEvelyn" and text "Type Happy Anniversary MikEvelyn". If the user does not type "Happy Anniversary MikEvelyn", it will shut down the computer. On May 31, it does the same thing, but with the input box title as "Edison" and the text "Type Happy Birthday Edison". On December 25, it displays a message box saying "Do you know that Christmas is a PAGAN PRACTICE?".


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