Type File virus
Creator Bumblebee
Date Discovered OCT-1999
Place of Origin Spain
Source Language Assembly
Platform MS Windows
File Type(s) .exe
Infection Length 431 bytes

MiniR3, also known as Mini-Ring3, and Rinim is a virus by Bumblebee. It appeared in October of 1999 on Internet newsgroups along with the worm Gift

When executed, MiniR3 searches for 32 bit portable executables in the current directory. Similar to the virus Murkry, it places its code in unused spaces in the PE header. The virus being 431 bytes long usually has no problem finding enough space. It contains the text string "MiniR3".

There are a few variants, weighing in at 378 and 476 bytes. They appear to function similarly to the original.


Bumblebee. 29A, Issue 6, MiniR3 Source code. 1999

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