Type File virus
Creator Gobleen Warrior
Date Discovered 2001.02.28
Place of Origin Russia
Source Language Bash Script
Platform Unix Shell
File Type(s) .sh
Infection Length 1,332 kilobytes

Mollusc, often called Molus by antivirus products, is a Unix Shell Script virus by Gobleen Warrior.


When a file infected with Mollusc is executed, it searches for files with the first line "#!/bin/bash". It avoids infecting files that are already infected. The virus is a slow polymorphic and uses a random number generator to make different copies of itself.


Mollusc was coded in Russia in 2001 by Gobleen Warrior. It appeard in issue 11 of Digital Virus Labs magazine.


Gobleen Warrior. Digital Virus Labs, Issue 11, UNIX.Mollusc.

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