Type File virus
Creator 1nternal
Date Discovered 1999.03.18
Place of Origin Brisbane, Australia
Source Language
Platform MS Word
File Type(s) .doc
Infection Length

Nail is a virus that runs on Microsoft Word. Unlike many MS Word macro viruses, it behaves more like an email worm and does not infect files. It was coded in Australia by 1nternal.

Nail arrives in an email with one of four possible subject lines and message bodies:

  • "Good Times"
  • "New information on this apparent hoax…"
  • "New Developments"
  • "I thought you should know about this recent development…"
  • "WWIII !"
  • "Check out CNN.Com or read this"
  • "Market share tipoff…"
  • "Please don&squott share this information with anyone"

The attachment is named "DOC1.DOC".

Nail checks the address book and sends a copy of itself to every email address it finds. It uses a random number to choose which subject line and message body of the email. It also sends an email to, presumably an address belonging to 1nternal.


McAfee Antivirus, W97M/Nail.a. 1999.03.23

F-Secure Antivirus, Nail.

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