Sex Male
Birth Date
Birth Place United States
Operations United States
Years active 1992 - 1994
Languages Assembly
Affiliation(s) Phalcon/SKISM, Norman Data Defence

Priest (aka Little Loc) was a young but talented American virus writer, with a career spanning 1992 to 1994. As an early virus coder, his work influenced many virus writers appearing after him. His work even attracted the attention of US government officials.

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Priest's first two viruses, Incubus and Satanbug were authored under the handle "Little Loc" while in later ones he called himself "Priest" after joining Phalcon/SKISM. Priest seemed to be a fan of the infamous virus writer "Dark Avenger" (dav) and studied his viruses, and what he considered other "real viruses" diligently. Like Dark Avenger, Priest often included dangerous payloads in his viruses. Priests viruses were sophisticated for their time, and many did well in the wild.

In 1994 Priest was visited by the Secret Service, after a person known as 'Aristotle', a BBS sysop for NuKE, handed over his personal details. The fact that Satanbug had infiltrated the Secret Service's network causing a small epidemic did not help. After these legal problems Priests was offered a job at Norman Data Defence on finishing high school. This position did not last for long.

Although a skilled and 'elite' virus writer, Priest seemed friendly approachable, willing to chat with newer and lesser vx'ers and even help them out with coding problems.

As an early virus coder appearing in the early 1990's, Priest was a major influence on many virus coders, including some legends in their own right such as VLAD member JPanic.



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