Sex Male
Birth Date
Birth Place Australia
Operations Australia
Years active 1994 - 1997
Languages Assembly
Affiliation(s) VLAD

Qark was an Australian virus writer and member of the virus writing group 'VLAD' (Virus Labs And Distribution). Qark seemed to be the most prolific member of VLAD with a career spanning 1994 to 1997. All of Qark's viruses, except Win95.Memorial, were published in VLAD magazine.


Qark was born in Australia in the 1970's. He was enrolled in university for most or all of his virus-writing career. He chose most of his courses for how well they taught him how to code viruses.

Qark first got in the scene in July of 1994 joining VLAD, the only group he would ever work with. He seems to have only worked with computers mostly because of his interest in viruses. He said viruses were half the reason he owned a computer in the first place. Qark was strongly influenced by Australian coder Talon, he described as his idol. Relations with other coders were good, aside from a flame war with Aristotle and an altercation with Quantum (not much detail about this was given and they continued working together afterwards, so it may have just been playful roughhousing or Qark was joking with his interviewer and it never happened).

His motive was curiosity and learning the programming techniques to create a virus. Though his Hemlock virus went wild, it was probably released accidentally by overzealous VLAD magazine fans. Qark never intended to deliberately infect another person's computer. Another virus that may have gone wild was Ph33r, which came with the Nuclear macro. Qark did not write Nuclear, but was pleased to learn that his virus was used by another.


Viruses and Engines


  • VIP (VLAD Infinite Polymorphy)
  • VSTE (VLAD Surface Tracing Engine)


Original research by JPanic aka @JPanicVX

The Unforgiven. Interview with Qark.

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