Ready Rangers Liberation Front

Ready Rangers Liberation Front was a virus coding group and zine from the 2000s. Members included many prolific and innovative coders such as AlcoPaul, cyneox, DiA, Retro, and Second Part to Hell among others.


Ready Rangers Liberation Front was founded by philet0ast3r on the 21st of July 2000 after leaving the SallyOne group. The zine came at a time when some older members of the VX Scene were retiring, some of them condemning the new members as inexperienced. philet0ast3r believed newer people should be encouraged and not dismissed.

The Ready Rangers Liberation Front zine was released roughly once a year, sometimes going over a year or as little as three months between issues. In addition to the expected viruses, worms, commentary on the VX scene, interviews and technical things, the zine contained artwork, poetry, and photography. Over the years, they had published a number of innovative viruses and possible firsts and onlys for platforms such a as AutoCAD, MenuetOS, EPOC (Symbian), ASP, and Ruby.

The zine was first published on the domain, then moved to By issue 5, they had moved to the domain, as the site had been deleted for hosting content illegal in Germany. For a time, the .de domain was redirected to a porn site. It had also once used Their final "Best Of" issue was published on the VX Heaven site.

Ready Rangers Liberation Front was officially disbanded by philet0ast3r on the 21st of July in 2008, exactly 8 years after being founded. He left a "Best Of" issue featuring some favorite works of the group.


philet0ast3r. RRLF, Issue 1, Editorial by philet0ast3r.


-. -, -, The Virus Scene today.

-. -, Issue 5, Intro.

-. -, -, Some Words.

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