Type File virus
Creator Masud Khafir
Date Discovered 1991.10
Place of Origin The Netherlands
Source Language
Platform DOS
File Type(s) .com
Infection Length 284 bytes
Reported costs

Seventhson is a virus coded by Masud Khafir.


When a Seventhson infected file is executed, it looks for all files in the current working directory. It appends itself to to any uninfected .com files, including COMMAND.COM. The time and date of the file will not be changed.


There are several variants of this virus, most of which are only different in file size. All are from the early to mid-1990's.

  • Seventhson.426 comes from the Immortal Riot group in Sweden. Text in the virus indicates it was written in October of 1993, though it was discovered in April of 1994. The text it contains is "ARBEIT MACHT FREI!" and "The Unforgiven / Immortal Riot Sweden 01/10/93".
  • Seventhson.440 was discovered in January of 1996 and contains the text "SiGVE v1.0 TP4 Compilation!".
  • Seventhson.473 also comes from Immortal Riot in Sweden. It contains the text strings "Fight Fire With Fire…", "Soon to fill our lungs with the hot winds of death The gods are laughing, so take your last breath" and "Immortal Riot..Death Greets me warm..".

Other variants which are functionally similar, but have nothing remarkably different include the Seventhson.332, 334 and 350.


Online VSUM mistakenly places the origin of this virus in Eastern Europe. It was actually coded by Dutch virus coder, Masud Khafir. Some code from this virus was used in Masud Khafir's Pogue virus.


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