Sex Male
Birth Date 19??
Birth Place France
Operations Paris, France
Years active 1996-2002
Languages C64 BASIC, Assembly
Affiliation(s) 29A

Spanska is a French virus coder associated with the 29A group. Spanska was fascinated with viruses from the time he heard of the Brain virus in 1986, though his first virus was made about 10 years later. He owned a TI99/4A and a Commodore 64, and did not have his own 386 computer until he pulled one out of the trash at work in 1996. Spanska rarely associated with VX groups, but did do some work with 29A.

Viruses and Worms

His viruses and worms never had any deliberately destructive payload. Spanska prefered his works to have an interesting graphical effect.


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