Type File virus
Date Discovered 13-Jul-2002
Place of Origin
Source Language
Platform Microsoft Windows
File Types .exe
Infection Length 173,388 bytes
Reported Costs

Tinit is a 32-bit Windows virus capable of infecting files on open network shares. When executed, it drops the file ssa1.tmp in the user's temporary folder. The virus infects all files on the disk, appending itself to the file. It avoids reinfecting files on subsequent infections.

There is at least one variant of Tinit, which is 508,376 bytes long and drops the file vwa1.tmp in the temporary folder. There are also reports of a 415,052 byte variant.

Sophos, W32/Tinit-B.

Trend Micro, PE_TINIT.C. 04-JUN-2013

-, PE_TINIT.D. 08-JUN-2013

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